Installation of Vokera easi - heat plus combi boiler

Installation of Vokera easi - heat plus combi boiler

Brand: Vokera
Product Code: Vokera Easi Heat Plus Combi Boiler
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Price: £ 550

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New Vokera Easi - Heat Plus  of Combi Boiler’s
We’ve taken everything we have ever learned about design, performance and servicing and combined all that knowledge into one superior, cutting-edge boiler range. The evolve family comprises of both combi and system boilers, with a variety of outputs to suit every home’s requirements. A feature rich, state-of-the-art boiler range that will enrich the lives of homeowners and engineers alike by providing warmth, comfort, efficiency and long-term performance, coupled with ease of installation. It all adds up to our best boiler range to date. Notes: if you install Vokera Evolve Boiler following Terms will Apply

Manufacturing Warranty – Ten years – Boiler Parts & Labour

Vokèra, an industry leader in quality home heating solutions, has been highly commended by Domestic and General (D&G) customers for the third year running. D&G, the UK's leading specialist warranty provider, conducts a quarterly independent Customer Satisfaction Survey, based on a questionnaire sent to its customers following each callout and reviews customer service and satisfaction levels. The latest report has awarded Vokèra with an impressive overall satisfaction rating of 94.58% and places the company in the top spot against other rival boiler brands and second in the overall manufacturer list

Short Term & Conditions

for more terms please check on Terms & Conditions page

Ø       If Gas pressure is lower than as required for the boiler, to replace the gas pipe to make up to the required pressure, we charge £22.50 per meter, if any civil works (such as, Floorboards lifting or carpet lift and misc.) is not included.

Ø      If Boiler Location is moving to other areas, then there will be an additional charge.

Ø      Boiler Flue - to be selected right requirement in the options of this product, if any other flue changes will be additional cost.

Ø   After the Installation, all removed materials (old boiler, Tank, Copper pipes) will be taken off from the site, BUT Asbestos Materials is not our responsibility.

Ø      The price has been given virtually, without surveying the property.

Ø   After the Installation, we provide Gas Safety Certificate, Warranty Document, Building regulation Certificate & Benchmark

Ø      These Prices are valid for 28 days only

Ø   Annual Boiler Service will be charged £60.00 per year

Boiler Accessories – Boiler Flue – Please select as you required

If the boiler flue is passing through the side wall, then it is Standard horizontal Flue
If the flue is passing through the ceiling or roof or vertically passing that means it is a Vertical flue, while selecting the vertical flue please select Vokera pitched roof flashing plate also.
And as well please select if any additional flue accessories are required.

  • Thermostat - Heating & Hot Water Controller for the Vokera Boiler you have 3 options to select

o    Vokera RF Thermostat wireless with Programmer

o    Vokera RF Thermostat wired with Programmer

o    Vokera BeSmart Thermostat Wi-Fi Enabled smart Thermostat

  • Select date of Installation – Select date after 5 working days
    • These selected dates of installation will be finalized by the Administration.
    • Installation of Vokera easi - heat plus combi boiler:

Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 29C (ErP) Combi Boiler & Flue

The Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 29C combi boiler has compact dimensions and a low lift weight, enabling a flexible installation with the boiler able to be sited almost anywhere in the home, including a kitchen cupboard. Designed for easy installation. Standard Vokera pipework layout enables trouble-free replacement of older Vokera models.


ErP Class A

Extremely compact and versatile

Combi boiler for instantaneous heating and hot water

Designed for easy installation

Simple to operate

Built-in Mechanical Clock

5 year warranty

No need for storage cylinders or tanks

Boiler CH Output (Kw) - 24

Max DHW Output (Kw) - 29

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